Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Heavenly Feet

Delia Metcalfe offers a brilliant range of footwear known as Heavenly Feet. This range is designed using real women, to find the best ways of supporting your feet and legs, providing the perfect posture and wellbeing. Known as Anti-fatigue footwear, Heavenly Feet is a great choice for the everyday woman.

 Heavenly feet are designed with a selection of different methods to deliver only the best results. One Heavenly Feet creation is the use of in-sole gel pads. These pads support your foot, and promote a healthy posture that is designed to keep you going for longer.  Another way of creating anti-fatigue footwear, is to use soft wedges to also promote a healthy posture. This is a great way to keep your legs in a straighter position that keeps you working at your best for longer. With this way of moving, you are sure to feel the difference.
These styles are amazing, and there are so many of them that you can take Heavenly Feet with you anywhere!

Heavenly Feet designs are ergonomically designed, so you can be sure that they work! Every woman should try out these shoes. Delia Metcalfe has a great range of Heavenly Feet. They are available in a plethora of styles for smart or casualwear, the choice is yours. With this wide range, you can sure that you’ll look and feel your best where ever you are and whatever you are doing!

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